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My heart was sore when Colleen left for New Zealand … not just because I knew I would miss her Isoflex classes, but because I would miss her friendly face and the camaraderie of all the ladies at class.

I started attending Colleen’s classes back in 2000 for about 3 years, and then joined her again in 2016 until the time she emigrated.  Her classes were a perfect fit for me, I loved that it was for ladies only and that I didn’t have to attend a gym as I am self-conscious and personally don’t like the gym vibe.

My husband commented after I restarted Isoflex in 2016, that he could see the difference in my body shape – proof of the effectiveness of Isoflex!

Isoflex is the perfect mix of stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxation.  The joking around and chatting before class made the experience personal.  I also really enjoyed the meditation part at the end … becoming still and focussing on breath and positive thoughts.

Colleen is an excellent, professional, always friendly teacher, and I miss her and Isoflex dearly.  If she came back to South Africa tomorrow, I would join her classes again without thinking twice.

May all the ladies in New Zealand have as much appreciation for Colleen’s classes as we did in SA!

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