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It is a privilege to write a personal testimonial for Colleen de Steur.  Colleen had a beautiful studio in Pretoria, South Africa, which I attended for 10 years.  I never enjoyed exercise previously but since I started doing her programmes, my attitude changed, and I truly enjoyed the experience.  It was a sad day when Colleen told us that she was closing her studio and moving to New Zealand!

After a few months of Isoflex, I noticed profound changes in my body.  I was stronger and firmer, more flexible, had greater endurance and my posture improved.  Her classes were designed in such a way that each class was different, something to look forward to and enjoy every time.  Colleen is very knowledgeable and well qualified in what she does.  She always made sure that her clients got the most out of their workouts and enabled us all to reach our personal goals. 

Colleen is a very friendly person with a great attitude.  She never made me feel inferior or incapable and would always be ready to go the extra mile for her clients.  She is both helpful and encouraging.  Her classes are fun to attend, and this made the training so much easier for me.

I wish her every success in her new studio in New Zealand and I know her clients will be very happy with what she has to offer.

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