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Come and experience 2 complimentary classes.


Isoflex offers an effective fusion of Mat Pilates, Yoga, functional movement, flexibility, and strength training exercises, all seamlessly choreographed to music and synchronized breathing. Our 60-minute classes are designed to be both enjoyable and highly effective, ensuring you experience a diverse range of exercises that leave you feeling motivated and eager for more.

Utilizing a variety of props including Therabands, small balls, sticks, stability balls, yoga blocks, bolsters, light weights, ankle weights, and foam rollers, Isoflex enhances resistance and targets specific fitness objectives, fostering comprehensive physical, mental and emotional development.

With over 25 years of expertise in fitness training, I’ve discovered that care and consistency are integral to achieving lasting results. Attending two classes per week can yield remarkable benefits, transforming not just your physique, but also enhancing your overall well-being. Isoflex isn’t just a workout; it’s a therapeutic experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and confident after every session.

Since its inception in 1999, Colleen has provided newcomers with an opportunity to experience Isoflex firsthand. That’s why she offers new participants the chance to attend their first two classes free. It’s her belief that everyone deserves the chance to fully embrace and understand the transformative power of Isoflex.

  • Firm up, sculpt and tone your body
  • Gain strength and healthy flexibility
  • Feel empowered, motivated & accountable
  • Realise your own potential
  • Build self-confidence
  • Learn correct technique and form
  • Gain body awareness, balance & control
  • Experience improved posture & body alignment
  • Learn to relax, release stress and feel calm
  • Enjoy relief from body aches and pains
  • Experience improved posture & body alignment

I did Isoflex with Colleen for the best of almost 12 years. The classes are innovative, exciting and versatile, which means you never get bored. Exciting props are used to target every part of your body. I loved the stability ball, yoga blocks, light weights and resistance bands.
I benefited so much from Isoflex. It kept my body strong, flexible and toned.
Colleen always kept a close eye on each participant to ensure the exercises were done correctly.
Isoflex is definitely the way to go for all ages and fitness levels.

Andaleen Renke

Isoflex kept my body in excellent shape, and each programme conditioned every part of my body. All the strengthening exercises supported my problematic spine and ensured great core strength.
You were the best coach for all my physical and mental goals. And on an emotional level, there was nothing better than Isoflex! Colleen’s inspiration and motivation while I was exercising made me do my best in each class.
I wish you all the best in New Zealand with your new business.

Ina van Niekerk

After a few months of Isoflex, I noticed profound changes in my body. I was stronger and firmer, more flexible, had greater endurance and my posture improved. Her classes were designed in such a way that each class was different, something to look forward to and enjoy every time. Colleen is very knowledgeable and well qualified in what she does. She always made sure that her clients got the most out of their workouts and enabled us all to reach our personal goals.
Colleen is a very friendly person with a great attitude. She never made me feel inferior or incapable and would always be ready to go the extra mile for her clients. She is both helpful and encouraging. Her classes are fun to attend, and this made the training so much easier for me.

Karin Stapelberg

My husband commented after I restarted Isoflex in 2016, that he could see the difference in my body shape – proof of the effectiveness of Isoflex!
Isoflex is the perfect mix of stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxation. The joking around and chatting before class made the experience personal. I also really enjoyed the meditation part at the end … becoming still and focusing on breath and positive thoughts.


Colleen is an excellent trainer as well as motivator. She always inspired me to put in extra effort which left me feeling good about myself.
Her instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
Isoflex kept me in shape physically and I enjoyed having greater flexibility which was an enormous benefit when one starts to age. My favorite part of the class was the relaxation part in the end when one got the rare opportunity to relax completely and savor the present moment.

Wilma de Klerk

Isoflex was suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. Colleen’s directions were always clear and precise. She was observant and ensured you were achieving maximum benefit through correct positioning as well as attending to each individual in class if adjustments were necessary.
It’s 2020, I am now 53 and believe I carry the many benefits of my Isoflex experience through to the Yoga and Pilates I practice in Johannesburg, South Africa today. I have no doubt Colleen’s New Zealand based studio, with her presence and style-of-teaching, will inspire and motivate all who attend.

Zoe Blanshard

Unleash Your Inner Peace and Strength