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I had the privilege and pleasure of practicing Isoflex with and for Colleen from 2001 – 2011 when we both lived in the same town in the same country, namely Pretoria, South Africa.  I was 34 years old when I was introduced to Colleen’s teaching.  I responded to her readily accessible Isoflex training programmes immediately.  I loved them and it must have shown since Colleen recognised I had the potential to learn and help instruct classes during the latter part of her 2 pregnancies as well as days she needed me to teach in either of her 2 studios.  I thoroughly enjoyed instructing as well as participating in class. 

Isoflex was suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.  Colleen’s directions were always clear and precise.  She was observant and ensured you were achieving maximum benefit through correct positioning as well as attending to each individual in class if adjustments were necessary.

It’s 2020, I am now 53 and believe I carry the many benefits of my Isoflex experience through to the Yoga and Pilates I practice in Johannesburg, South Africa today.  I have no doubt Colleen’s New Zealand based studio, with her presence and style-of-teaching, will inspire and motivate all who attend. 

Colleen is passionate, patient, selfless, spiritual, energetic, engaging, magical, mindful and really cares as she guides you to finding the best in yourself through practicing her Isoflex programmes. 

Her breathing techniques along with flexibility and strengthening postures and movement truly helped me to develop and improve my core, alignment, balance and overall wellbeing physically, mentally and spiritually.

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