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Colleen sent me a WhatsApp message to ask for a testimonial.  Due to the time difference between New Zealand and South Africa, when I read it at first, I was not 100% awake.  All I saw was ‘Isoflex’ and my heart jumped with joy thinking that somehow Isoflex will be presented in SA again!  Well great was the disappointment for me, and wonderful was the news for all the lucky residents in NZ.

I did Isoflex with Colleen for the best of almost 12 years.  The classes are innovative, exciting and versatile, which means you never get bored.  Exciting props are used to target every part of your body.  I loved the stability ball, yoga blocks, light weights and resistance bands.

I benefited so much from Isoflex.  It kept my body strong, flexible and toned.

Colleen always kept a close eye on each participant to ensure the exercises were done correctly.

Isoflex is definitely the way to go for all ages and fitness levels.

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